A Review of This Time by Azaaa Davis

azaaa davis

This Time by Azaaa Davis

The Review

This Time: A Nadira Holden Novel, is a Debut, Urban Fantasy book by Azaaa Davis and the first of a series. The story revolves around Nadira Holden, a young New York native and demon hunter, who dies in the 20th century and wakes up in the 21st century. As with such story lines, the one who wakes up from the dead almost, always, finds that life went on and times changed, while they seemingly remained stuck in their pre-death state.

The case is no different for Nadira, described as a Child of Orion, who received extensive training as a demon hunter in her lifetime. She wakes up to new technology, political change;


There was no way she could sit through another lesson on politics. She already learned that she missed the reign of a Black president and that an Orange one now led the country…


…demons co-existing with humans and the realization that her fellow demon hunters are now 25 years older in age. Interestingly, Nadira is still the same 22 year old she was when she passed on. Her then first love, Leo, is currently married to a childhood rival of hers and her father, director of the Children of Orion training facility, is missing. Indeed, the fact that there seems to be no passage of time in Nadira’s life often conflicts with the present, where lives have gone on.

This Time reads like a mixture of the TV series, Charmed and the Twilight Series movies; lots of magic, shape shifting and demon slaying. It’s also an easy read fit for its target readership of young adults. The first couple of chapters however, felt a bit flat for me, (probably because they were all set in Nadira’s childhood home, which doubles up as the training facility) but the story suddenly picks up pace and does not disappoint.

With the author’s introduction of Nadira’s alter-ego, Roquelle, a demon child that was bound to a younger Nadira’s soul to boost her then sickly nature, comes pages and pages of action packed scenes, questions on identity, rebellion, some romance and an eventual quest to find Nadira’s father. I really appreciated the excellently described fight scenes and the mythical setting of the demon world, Sulyden.

While Roquelle is audacious, reckless, sometimes selfish and unashamedly sexual, Nadira is doubtful, slightly resentful, courageous when need be and more cautious. The two personalities in one body, make for an interesting read. One can only wait and see what extra adventures await Nadira (and Roquelle) in the next book of the series.

(As reviewed by Lorna Likiza)


Publisher: Camp-Davis Production, 2018


Reviewer’s Bio

Lorna Likiza is a Kenyan Writer, Senior Editor and Content Operations Director at MeharaLit, Contributor at The Watermelanin Mag, French Tutor and considers herself a Literary Enthusiast. Her Non-Fiction and Fiction pieces have appeared on Arts and Africa, Agbowo and Ile Alo. She is a Golden Baobab Prize 2018 Longlistee for Early Chapter Books. She has a passion for Travel and wouldn’t mind travelling the world someday.

Twitter: @lornalikiza

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Azaaa Davis says:

    Thank you, Lorna, for reading This Time and sharing your thoughts!

    Glad you enjoyed Nadira’s story and are interested in book two. That Nightb releases on April 23rd, 2019 in most digital bookstores!

    – Azaaa, author of the Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter book series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. meharalit says:

      You are most welcome.

      Liked by 1 person

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