Online Writing Seminar Announcement



Writers Ulff Lehmann and Gloria Ogo, are inviting you to register for the Online Writing Seminar they will be jointly hosting starting 27th April 2019. If you are a Writer with an interest to improve your craft, this is the place to be.


I will be co-hosting an online writing seminar with a German based writer where we will conduct online writing classes on live videos and workshop inclusive topics on writing, marketing, time and business management, self-help tips that work and pdf materials on the craft.  Gloria Ogo, Author of “While Men Slept”


After much deliberations, Gloria Ogo and I have teamed up to co-host an intricate online seminar on writing which we have extensively researched to elevate budding writers from the pitfalls much common in the craft. Ulff Lehmann, Author of the Fantasy “Shattered” Series


For more details on participation, kindly contact Gloria Ogo

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